Comic 12 - Deliver Us From Evil pg. 2

21. Jan, 2012 in Deliver Us From Evil
Deliver Us From Evil pg. 2
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Author Notes:

Open Sky 21st Jan, 2012 edit delete
Inspired by and in support of The Comic Creators for Freedom this story takes shape. Faith Walker and Virtuous prepare as the vile villains enter the picture. With Human Trafficking being such touchy subject I was careful not to make light of the real victims/survivors while creating antagonists that would not warrent an "R" rating. Meet Ba'al and Chain.
Open Sky 24th Jan, 2012 edit delete
RG, Am i going to have to hire you as my PR man? Thanks again.


RG2Cents 24th Jan, 2012 edit delete reply
Hence, your wonderful use of metaphor and symbolism. Nicely done!
mathias42 27th Mar, 2012 edit delete reply
Ba'al and Chain? That's great. I love wordplay.