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Creative compass. 03/17/2012
This month has been a real press. March is a month splashing with birthdays, funerals, engagements and deadlines. I had made a declaration to stay on track this year. Well here it is the third month and focus is more than a notion, just like "just do it "is more than a slogan. To get where we want to go it takes effort, determination and focus. I don't support the concept that everything that can go wrong will go wrong no, not at all. I do believe that test, trials and detours come along on our way to the prize. We need our compass set and in hand. It clarifies the direction we take both spiritual and natural.We can't help the weather or the myriad of issues around us, however with our compass we are responsible to keep moving ahead. A compass assists in establishing a clear direction as we navigate through life's process. Clarity is key, it is written that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. The balance of our days will require effort, determination and focus.

Our faith paints a picture that we can see what others may not. Faith is that evidence that makes the blurry extremely clear. Faith is our compass or internal GPS. It’s like being an artist. One has an image in his or her head that is theirs alone. Gradually the artist uses his or her tools to 'build'' a visual. A visual that takes form as faith is put into action. Upon formulation it is no longer the faith to believe it is now the manifestation of the work applied through faith. The
creative compass energized by faith and helps gets us along on our journey. Below are manifestations of faith in stages. The illustration is from the webcomic
Faith Walker
"deliver Us From Evil"
. The image begins as a thought. A visual is formed and manifest through pencil to ink to color. Much like our lifes journey we will need faith and focus to bring the desired manifestation.

Until next time, be blessed.
Clint D. Johnson

by Open Sky